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Gage Park Baptist Church

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Other Ministries


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Aside from Education Events and Classes, we also  provide opportunities for ministry.  One can serve on a variety of ministry teams.  These teams are developed as needed for specific ministries.  In 2005 we modified our Executive Board structure to reflect this attitude as a more fluid style of leadership.  The Board is now made up of 4 elected officers, (Moderator, Treasurer, Clerk and Financial Secretary) plus 6 members at large.  In this format we have eliminated standing committees in favor of developing ministry teams as needed.  This has been a learning process but it does enable people to give of their time and talents in more defined areas of their interest.  Members are encouraged to become part of a ministry team or, if they are led by God, to bring a new ministry to the church they are encouraged to bring that leadership into action.  We are always open to new ideas and ministries as they relate to our church body and the community.

American Baptist Men (ABM) - meet every Thursday morning for breakfast and discussion at McDonald's on Gage at 6:15 am.  They also schedule outings that include golfing or fishing, doing a service project for the community, going on a short road trip, etc. 

American Baptist Women (ABW) - meet every second Thursday of the month.  The projects of ABW include serving funeral lunches and weeding receptions as needed.  We also support local mission projects like Doorstep, the Rescue Mission and our own Mitten Patch.  We provide concern, support and fellowship to one another and provide small gifts, prayers and concerns for our Special Interest Missionaries.  Also, we contribute to the Central Baptist Region Project of ABWM, which helps with supplies, surgery and research for the women of Nigeria who have been injured during childbirth.

Gage Park Needlebees/Threads of Life - meet at the church on the third Saturday of the month at 9:00 am.  Although we are all "quilters," this group is open to anyone who enjoys any type of needlework or craft.  It is a great time of fun, fellowship and being "crafty."  We would love to have you join us!